New Hosting Server and Domain

I have migrated the blog to a new server. It was on a shared hosting account previously. I have now moved it to a virtual private server that I manage. I have also purchased “” so that I can have my own URL.  Please report anything that you see is broken, I’ll try to keep after everything. I’ve forwarded the old subdomain to the new server as well so that none of the old links are broken. You may have noticed “https” in your URL bar. I enabled SSL on the webserver and got a certificate to provide secure communications.

Prior to setting up this machine I used the shared hosting account my Dad got from Dot5hosting to host The Ortner Family Website. While they are a good and reasonably priced hosting company, their servers weren’t anything special, and their email services are pretty slow. I am in the process of migrating the site and email to a new VPS from OVH.

Details about the hosting server

For those interested, the new server is a Xen paravirtualized machine that I have configured with CentOS 6.8. For now it only has 2 vCPUs and 2GB of RAM, but I own the hardware so I can increase the specs if I ever need to. I installed PHP 7 on this server, from what I have read PHP 7 gives WordPress a significant performance increase. It could be the better hosting arrangement, but I have noticed better performance already. Another thing I did was install the latest stable version of MariaDB because it is said to have performance increases over MySQL as well.

Coming Soon

I am going to be building a full-featured postfix mailserver on CentOS 7 with AV, AS, and webmail all included. I’ll be posting a step-by-step guide as I work through the configuration. It will probably be a multi-part topic as it is a pretty involved process. I also plan to include some steps on basic Apache configuration, and how to attain and use a free SSL Certificate from StartSSL.

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