Windows 10 Free Upgrade

As most people probably already know, Windows 10 will no longer be free after July 29th. That means as of this writing there is less than 10 days to do the upgrade. I have been upgrading computers left and right to get everything done in time.

I think Windows 10 is a vast improvement over Windows 8, and even an improvement over Windows 7. I liked Windows 7, but Windows 8 came with performance improvements that I couldn’t pass up, so I ended up upgrading. I hated every minute that I had to use Windows 8 and 8.1. When Windows 10 came out and brought back the start menu I was happy to upgrade again. I have been pretty happy with Windows 10 so far. I do not like all the ads, pre-installed software, Cortana, and other junk it comes with, but once all that is removed its a pretty good OS.

Anyway make sure you get your upgrades done before it’s too late!

If you have questions about Windows 10 you may find answers on Microsoft’s Website

Now I’m looking forward to the release of Server 2016, I’ll be setting up a host to test Hyper-V and some virtual machines on for sure!

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